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And you thought winter was over? Three ways to survive a Midwest winter in a cozy kitchen

Half the battle of surviving the winter months in the Midwest is dressing for the cold. Norwegians have one mantra for coping in frigid temps:

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

The same rings true for creating a space indoors to make it worth your while to hang out when Mother Nature gets extra feisty. And here in the Midwest, we know the beginning of the week could call for shorts and flip flops, but quickly turn to scarves and snow shovels in a mere 24 hours. Here are three examples of how to make winter easier by way of warm and inviting PB Kitchen Design projects that all wrapped up in colder months:

#1 - Let in the light (and the view)

PB Kitchen Design Winter Midwest Kitchens White Cabinetry St Charles Illinois Windows can be a beautiful focal point, and in this Wayne, Illinois, kitchen, bright sunny days in winter are warmly reflected in the white custom cabinetry. Vitamin D can do wonders for your mood and help stave off the depressing effects of the winter blues. In this design, a generous layout with multiple work zones allows this kitchen to work well for a large family.

#2 – Upgrade your hosting capabilities

PB Kitchen Design Traditional Kitchen Two Toned Cabinetry Barrington Illinois Having adequate space for making hearty meals, and island seating for guests to chat while you prep, is a fabulous way to create a cozy space to gather despite the blustery weather. This warm and welcoming Barrington, Illinois, kitchen has ample space for people to gather and take in the aroma of flavors on the menu. A luxury renovation fit for casual get-togethers, the uniqueness of this kitchen lies in its multiple uses. A haven for friends and family, an auxiliary entertainment venue, and a host site for horticultural groups, the home’s open floor plan positions the kitchen as a glorious centerpiece.

#3 – Get cozy

Kohler Wisconsin PB Kitchen Design Rustic Winter Kitchens If you are lacking the square footage, don’t worry! Cozy kitchens are just as hospitable as larger spaces, especially if you use artisan elements and maximize your current footprint. This Kohler, Wisconsin, beachfront cottage on Lake Michigan was designed to be at one with nature. The hood, designed by the PB Kitchen Design team, was created by a local artisan who pressed leaves into wet plaster. So much of life happens in the kitchen. Memories are made right along with fresh pancakes on Sunday mornings and a hot toddy on cold winter evenings. Aim to make your kitchen a place where thoughts of good times linger just as much as your guests do.
“We owe much to the fruitful meditation of our sages, but a sane view of life is, after all, elaborated mainly in the kitchen.” – Joseph Conrad
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