BVI 640 C CLM 1 March 18, 2016

Are paneled appliances replacing the stainless trend?

[caption id="attachment_2980" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]rot_3(This Past Basket kitchen design in Sugar Grove, Illinois features quarter sawn white oak is used on both the perimeter and island cabinets.)[/caption] This week on the Past Basket Design/Houzz poll, we wanted to get a feel for consumer preference on the decorative face of their refrigerators. Specifically in regards to the paneled - matched to the cabinet doors vs. stainless variety. Houzz commenters were almost 50/50 in their preferred style, and we were excited to see in addition to user comments, readers shared actual pictures of their kitchens!

56% like PANELED refrigerators

44% prefer STAINLESS refrigerators

Here’s what some Houzzers had to say: "We like paneled. My wife didn't want to deal with smudging on SS or for (the kitchen) to have institutional look." B. Crawford "It depends on the look you want. I feel paneled are more traditional and stainless steel is more contemporary." - Robbi (user on Houzz) "The first time I saw a paneled fridge/dishwasher I was in the Netherlands in 1989. I was so impressed with the way it opened up a very small kitchen (the Netherlands...not known for their "extra space") that I have been a fan ever since. Give me paneled appliances every time." - Cancork Floor Inc.

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