Kersch B Web Feature April 27, 2016

How to choose your appliances (by using them first)

All parts of a kitchen remodel require strategic planning. From the layout to the paint color of your cabinets, figuring out what will mesh well with the way your family uses your kitchen space is an exciting process. Appliances pose a particular challenge. The Glendale Heights, Illinois, Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom is live and their demos take the confusion out of the process of choosing your kitchen tools. The PB Kitchen Design marketing team visited the showroom recently to get some hands-on information and we put ourselves in the place of our clients to see what they are faced with during this important time of choosing luxury kitchen appliances.

So how do you choose?

Enter the immersive experience of the hands-on showroom. The PB Kitchen Design marketing team was blow away by the opportunities this 70-year-old company has put in place to make appliance selection more than just a point and pick process. With Chef Craig Bell front and center in a live demonstration, Sub-Zero and Wolf throws the brochure right out the window and shows you what you will like in terms of appliances and how to use your kitchen tools. Our take away from the live demo, besides the complete satisfaction of a 5-star dinner, was 3 fold. From smart meal prep with the steam oven to tips on using your cooktop griddle for more than just pancakes, we received more than just information about how to use the appliances.

We've got ideas on how to enhance our life in the kitchen.

PB Kitchen Design at SubZero Wolf

Get touchy-feely.

The experience at the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom is not hands-off. Your friendly concierge encourages you to touch and feel full-scale kitchen vignettes – all ready for you to “test drive.” Just like when you sit down with your design team to build your kitchen’s look. You are looking at marble samples and real wood samples – it feels right that when choosing something as important as your kitchen’s appliances you can experience the choices via a live demo. You can experience the usability and performance.

Meet unpretentious pros.

[caption id="attachment_3823" align="alignleft" width="875"]PB Kitchen Design at Sub Zero Wolf Kitchen Demo Chef Craig Bell directs his sous chef and teaches guests the ins and outs of Sub-Zero and Wolf products.[/caption] It’s exciting to see a pro in action, but refreshing at the same time to know he cooks regular meals at home like the rest of us. Bringing practical application to professional appliances, Sub-Zero and Wolf also provides events for consumers that show you how to use the appliances on their kitchen tool roster. Chef Bell takes the helm, demonstrating in private events for consumers that day-to-day use of these luxury appliances can bring meal prep to a whole new level.

Be open to tweaking your plan.

The PB Kitchen Design Marketing Team noticed many of the attendees of the live-demo were window shoppers, but several had already taken the plunge and were back for more tips on how to use their appliances. One attendee had not only toured the showroom and taken a class on how to use her appliances in the past, she decided during her kitchen design process that her family needed 2 steam ovens. Her large family of 7 spent a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoyed being involved in meal prep. Plus, her 5 kids like to eat. “I never would have thought I needed two steam ovens, but through this process with the Sub-Zero and Wolf team, I was able to go back to my kitchen designer and thoughtfully plan out our kitchen remodel.” [caption id="attachment_3812" align="alignleft" width="1024"]Wolf oven featured in a French style PB Kitchen Design in Aurora, Illinois.Wolf oven featured in a French style PB Kitchen Design in Aurora, Illinois.[/caption] It takes years to find brands that reflect our interest of providing beautiful, efficient kitchens that fit with the emotional needs of our customers. From including children in the kitchen design process to meeting the challenging of “right-sizing” a project, keeping your space functional and aesthetically pleasing is at the core of the PB Kitchen Design process. The Sub-Zero and Wolf experience was a delightful time spent, sipping wine and indulging in delicious food, but the underlying motive was to inspire us to think about how we use our kitchens, and in turn, make smarter choices when selecting appliances.