Miele2 1 November 11, 2010

Coffee Lover's Dream

We all know that the appliances in our kitchen exist to make our lives easier. What if there was a product that actually eliminated the need to park the car and get out to order your daily grande? For those of you who are dedicated to your morning coffee run, the Miele Whole Bean/Ground Coffee System may just save you precious minutes in the morning, not to mention satisfying a late night yen. The Miele system is built in to your cabinetry - no need to take up space on your counter - and produces a beverage of such superior quality that even non-coffee drinkers will be converts. Whole beans are ground specifically for each cup so the coffee is literally made-to-order. The system also offers a frothing system with an integrated milk tank so a cappucino is as easy as pressing a button. Daily maintenance consists of filling the water, emptying grinds and adding beans. There is also the option of a plumbed system so you can dispense with that first step. If its stunning design doesn't move you, the flavor and quality of the coffee will leave you smitten. This is an appliance that works anywhere you envision enjoying a great cuppa Joe. And it speaks 21 languages. That's a barrista we could live with. miele2