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Customizing the coffee experience

As we work harder and harder to make our lives effortless, it’s clear that when considering a kitchen remodel we really need to hone in on what makes us tick. Or, what tickles us. The idea of Bespoke kitchens, the process of tailoring a garment or space uniquely to the individual, is everywhere. Case in point, the coffee station. It’s a dangerous act to get between a person and his morning cup of joe, so it’s safe to say if you religiously map out space to worship the pot every morning, you probably need a dedicated station for your brewing system. [caption id="attachment_3999" align="alignleft" width="201"]PB Kitchen Design coffee and beverage station. PB Kitchen Design coffee and beverage station in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.[/caption] One of our kitchen remodel projects in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, featured a beverage station with a Miele integrated coffee maker. This design blended the coffee maker within the cabinetry, added a Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator, and pretty storage for family heirlooms and stemware. When our designers think of excellence in terms of presenting products and hosting interactive get-togethers, especially when it comes to beverages, we couldn't help but think of PIRCH in Oak Brook, Illinois. Upon entering PIRCH, customers are welcomed by a coffee bar that would cause even the seasoned barista to blush. A La Marzocco machine, made in Florence, Italy, is positioned front and center to offer gold standard coffee and espresso while you peruse the kitchen and bathroom vignettes. While most consumers opt for a more economic system like an integrated variety, there is a growing population of "brew geeks," says PIRCH lifestyle experience advisor, Jason Woods, who will go the extra length and purchase a La Marzocco (or two). Customers who visit PIRCH are not simply invited to remodel their homes, but to celebrate the joyous moments of life. Jason is seeing a growing desire to customize the at-home coffee experience with his customers.
"Although it really depends on the client and if they are coffee lovers," says Jason. "Most clients love a great brewed coffee, cappuccino, latte, or espresso and appreciate the extended flavors from a sophisticated coffee system such as the Wolf, Miele, Thermador, or Gaggenau."
The personal coffee system trend is coming to a rapid boil in the kitchen industry as, according to Jason, brew units are being integrated into the cabinetry as a featured item. In addition to allocating space dedicated to the actual machine, clients are framing out their very own caffeine altar to store their favorite whole beans, mugs, and cleaning supplies. [caption id="attachment_4002" align="alignleft" width="1024"]Thermador coffee station at PIRCH, Oakbrook. Thermador coffee station at PIRCH, Oak Brook, Illinois.[/caption] When we send our PB Kitchen Design clients to PIRCH, we are confident knowing they are going to be surrounded with options to inspire ideas for what works to create life’s moments. The entire shopping experience features several companies, but a few brands stand out in the race for the perfect brew. Jason says Wolf and Miele are the heavy hitters, each for their own unique reasons.
"Wolf ties in nicely to the high-end look and performance of all the other Wolf appliances," explains Jason, "and the other is Miele."
Miele, a German-based manufacturer of top-tier appliances, has been taking domesticity to the next level for over 100 years, and is regarded in the industry for creating an impressive coffee making experience that does not fall short on anything - from sealing your coffee beans within the system, to maintaining freshness, to cleaning itself after a brewing cycle.
"The Miele has more creature comforts like interactive touch screen for easy programming, direct plumbed unit (tank-less) and full pot option," says Jason.
While Miele and Wolf stand out with quality design and international brand recognition, the desire to perfect the morning brew is now within consumer grasp making life easier and creating an aesthetic space that weaves right into your kitchen design.
"The integrated coffee systems flow nicely in a newly designed kitchen or bar," explains Jason.
Although when it comes to the perfect morning jolt, for some coffee lovers, consumption is not merely a recreational activity. It's a downright obsession. Last year, a company called MAVAM Espresso Machines, located in Seattle, Washington, revealed an under the counter espresso machine for commercial use. [caption id="attachment_4053" align="alignleft" width="1024"]MAVAM Under Counter Espresso Machine handmade in Seattle, Washington. The MAVAM Under Counter Espresso Machine is handmade in Seattle, Washington. (Image courtesy of MAVAM.)
[/caption] This complete customizable interface provides industry standard construction and the opportunity to use wood elements, custom polish, and paint for coffee shop spaces. Winning unanimously at the 2015 Coffee Fest in Portland, Oregon, as boasting the highest scoring “Best New Product" ever, the makers of the MAVAM system serve up a professional system that once again shows innovation is never-ending in the pursuit toward brewing an epic pot of coffee or pulling a perfect shot of espresso. Hopefully for espresso addicts, MAVAM has plans in the future to develop this design for home use…