Dark Kitchens PB Kitchen Design Geneva IL August 09, 2017

Bespoke Kitchen in Geneva, IL - Dark, not stark proves popular

White has persistently dominated the kitchen design scene, but the stark hue is not always for everybody. Mitchell Parker, home design journalist and Editor on Houzz, featured three kitchens in his recent article, How Dark Can Your Kitchen Go?, including a Geneva, Illinois, project by the PB Kitchen Design Team. Senior Designer, Dave McFadden, turned the homeowner’s modest square footage into a traditional layout that really delivered on function and design longevity. The customer requested an overall enduring composition for the space, so McFadden returned with Peruvian walnut and hammered limestone perimeter countertops. The island, a custom Italian-made piece, features Queen Anne Style wrought iron legs. [caption id="attachment_5286" align="alignright" width="821"]Dark Kitchen Geneva Custom Italian Pewter Island Geneva IL Dark timeless kitchen by PB Kitchen Design in Geneva, Illinois[/caption]
“The table island sets the tone for this kitchen,” McFadden says. “It’s also designed to be less imposing than it would have been had it covered the floor like a typical island. This design, while aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t help for storage. So we created a platform at the stairwell leading into the basement for easier access to pantry items.”
[caption id="attachment_5287" align="alignright" width="683"]Creative storage via basement stairwell. Creative storage via basement stairwell.[/caption]

So, what’s the allure of a more intimate color palette?

“… some homeowners find that dark kitchens are less fussy because they don’t show smudges the way all-white spaces can,” explains Parker. “And darker kitchens tend to offer a more relaxed, inviting atmosphere.”
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