Blog October 15, 2010

Durability can be beautiful

This kitchen was designed to handle three young boys and a giant yellow lab - an unforgiving crew if there ever was one. A glazed/rubbed-thru finish was used on the cabinets and granite countertops were chosen for their durability but this kitchen isn't all utilitarian...

Hours were spent designing a custom base for the table overhang at the island, as well as the custom mantle and corbels. A black hutch was incorporated to serve as the transition piece between the new and uimproved ktichen and the large family room addition. A piece of antique iron was inserted into the wood base of the island not only because the homeowner loved the look but because it tied in so beautifully with the overhead fixture. This project was a dream for the design team because the homeowners were open to anything. For instance, old tin was worked into the backsplash, the use of color is purposely bold in the island's countertop and it ties in with the blues of the tile in the backsplash.