J Web Houzz April 04, 2018

Fresh & Light Traditional Kitchen in the Fox Valley

We had great fun collaborating with a local designer on her own home recently! In her words "I feel design peace about my kitchen again." The beautifully appointed kitchen has a precisely fitted feel. Each panel, door and pilaster were deliberately proportioned. Several key display areas present the homeowner's heirloom salt glazed stoneware and china collections in a well organized and tasteful manner. [caption id="attachment_5927" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Fresh Traditional in the Fox Valley. Jenn-Air 48" refrigerator on left.[/caption]

Calacatta by Neolith.

The client was wanting to install white marble, but she was replacing a no maintenance countertop. Habits had been formed. The carefree style was ingrained and would prevail over taking any precautions that would have kept the marble finish up to her standards. Wine spills and acidic foods and the highly colored dyes of exotic spices would make it very difficult to maintain a beautiful marble surface. Neolith, a sintered stone product, has no issues with any of this. On one visit to a stone warehouse, from a distance, the client saw these slabs of wonderfully veined Calacatta. She got closer and found out that they were not marble but the Neolith Calacatta in the silk finish. Right then and there she was sold. No stains, no scratches and it still gives off the marble thrill. The color and the patterning are perfection. Neolith is about 1/2 the thickness of quartz and natural stone, a bonus when applying the material to walls or backsplash in this case. Another design feature, you can bookmatch the pattern. A feature not possible with quartz materials. [caption id="attachment_5929" align="aligncenter" width="1103"] Calacatta by Neolith.[/caption]

Cook Top on island.

The Jenn-Air cook top was chosen for its black glass finish. It cleans up to a sparkling new finish after use. There are a lot of windows in the kitchen and there really was no place to put a beautiful hood without reducing the amount of outdoor beauty and light in the kitchen. Therefore the cook top in the island was the only plausible location for the client. The sink is opposite the cook top so the positioning is most convenient. The short, straight ventilation exhaust path to the outside of this house is conducive to a downdraft system but downdrafts are often a poor substitute to over-the-range hoods. The Cattura downdraft by Best (an Italian company owned by Broan Mfr.) is a relatively new ventilation option that seems to out perform the industry standard downdrafts. It is also easy to clean and very quiet. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save