BVI 624 B CLM May 09, 2016

Home Automation and Technology in the Kitchen

Technology in the home has significantly transformed function in the kitchen. The National Kitchen & Bath (NKBA) Tech Insider, Shelly Palmer, reflected on design and technological elements in his video on NKBA, stating kitchen design should include an element of smart applications only if it reduces friction in the space. The goal here is, according to Palmer, to make the user's life easier. PB Kitchen Design was featured in a vignette presenting total home automation and lighting control at Barrett's Technology Solutions in Naperville, Illinois. One of its kind in the industry, this innovative showroom showcases ways to inspire and inform consumers in real world settings. [caption id="attachment_3451" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barretts in Naperville(PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett's Technology Solutions in Naperville, Illinois.)
[/caption] This contemporary kitchen design, created by Dan McFadden, integrates tech like video, audio, lighting, security and HVAC - all controlled through a single app on an iPad. Even the motorized window shades, task and accent lighting are controlled via the Lutron Lighting Control System. [caption id="attachment_3502" align="alignleft" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett's Technology Design Center(iPad station in the PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett's Technology Design Center.)[/caption] Not only does this control system allow for lighting scene selection at the touch of a single button, it’s energy efficient. Beyond creating a natural ambiance, this integrated technology including a “Cook” scene that activates the lighting to an optimal 100% over the kitchen sink and island areas. A motorized spice rack conveniently drops down from behind the wall cabinet. [caption id="attachment_3503" align="alignleft" width="1024"]Spice rack at the PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett's Technology Design Center(Spice rack in the PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett's Technology Solutions.)[/caption] Now that’s a smart kitchen. The Barrett’s showroom encourages customers to see a tech savvy kitchen in action, as they can interact and experiment with the kitchen’s technology while maneuvering a user-friendly control device.

But is this kitchen functionally innovative?

Barrett’s number one goal is to use technology to enhance the enjoyment, convenience, and security you have at home, which mirrors the mindset of the PB Kitchen Design team. Our collaboration with this kind of inspirational design center brought out the best in our modern approach to giving design advice and the creation of smart kitchens. PB Kitchen Design created a space that is, according to Barrett’s,
“(A kitchen) technologically equipped and efficient, but also exceptionally styled; which you can see for yourself in our one-of-a-kind kitchen vignette.”