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Any remodeling project is an investment, but the one that packs the most punch in terms of value both physically and emotionally is the kitchen. Our team relishes in the design process and works to understand not what is the desired expectation for us as kitchen designers, but what is a “best practice” for each individual homeowner. One of our clients reflected on their kitchen remodeling experience with PB Kitchen Design, and mapped out the thought process before we undertook a massive remodel.

Is it worth the investment?

“There is not an item that they brought up that we have not benefited from. With such a large investment required, one always wonders will there be value commensurate with that investment,” explains recent client, Jim Hammer, about his mid-century modern kitchen remodel project. “We can attest to this being the case with PB Kitchen Design.” Scope and Design Phase: “Dave and Dan listened to our requirements and design elements that were important to us, even if some would have thought they were odd... Such as the use of Corten steel somewhere in the design... They checked that box, while making sure the aesthetic was not overpowering and provided several options. "The work triangle" works perfectly based on our space available.” MidCentury Modern Kitchen Remodel Mchenry PB Kitchen Design Geneva IL Gray Cabinets Budget and Investment: “The PB Kitchen Design team knew our “all in” budget and worked to accommodate. They provided options in various areas where we could save based on scaling back some design elements. In the end we ended up going over budget (does anyone not?) but it was based on us not wanting to compromise since we will only be renovating one kitchen in our lifetime! The elements over budget made sense and were clearly understood.” MidCentury Modern Kitchen Remodel Stainless steel sink FireplaceMchenry PB Kitchen Design Geneva IL Contractor Recommendation: "The PB Kitchen Design team has an arsenal of resources to recommend, and provided one resource that would work best with our unique home (which is a mid century modern) with all trades’ knowledge to perform the ultimate work required. General Contractor Steve Dority is a perfectionist and filled this role well. We were hoping to be complete by July 4th, and ended up being done by Thanksgiving, but this was due to a desire for a polished concrete floor that Steve discovered was not possible due to structural engineering constraints that moved us to a wood floor, which ultimately caused our original timeline to push. The resulting floor is gorgeous by the way.” MidCentury Modern Kitchen Remodel Stainless Steel Appliances IntegratedMchenry PB Kitchen Design Geneva IL End Result: “We received a kitchen remodel with no design surprises and a very satisfying end result. We would recommend PB Kitchen Design when you perform your own search.” We’ve learned throughout the years that how you handle a client relationship is just as important as the actual work that you do. Yes, we’re experts in this industry, however our success was bred by a commitment to listening, and a willingness to collaborate. Save Save Save