Mar 4 March 31, 2016

Clash of the chefs: is the kitchen the new man cave?

[caption id="attachment_2765" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Rustic Kitchen(Situated in the Rocky Mountains, this second home is the gathering place for family ski vacations and is the definition of luxury among the beautiful yet rough terrain. A hand-forged hood boldly stands in the middle of the room, commanding attention even through the sturdy log beams both above and to the sides of the work/gathering space. Kitchen design by PB Kitchen Design.)[/caption] We broached the subject of the man cave in a poll on Houzz, and combined with the recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the kitchen seems to be creeping up as the new retreat for men. Houzz commenters were not shy in expressing their opinions and the results were quite interesting:

40 % said YES, the kitchen is the new Man Cave.

60% said NO, the traditional space of lounge chairs and leather

and big screens are preferred over a kitchen.

Here’s what some Houzz-ers had to say: "I see a difference in my design practice, between male builders and trades being involved in kitchen design (this has been happening to some degree for a long time) and male homeowners expressing preferences in THEIR kitchen. I think they might have gotten lonely in their man caves and are just rejoining the family!" - à la carte DESIGN in Denver, Colorado "What's new is now they are having to live (and cook) with their decisions...LOL" - User "nnigrt" on Houzz

What do you think?

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