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Kitchen Camouflage: Integrated Refrigeration

[caption id="attachment_4410" align="alignright" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design Traditional White Kitchen with island PB Kitchen Design Traditional White Kitchen with Sub-Zero and Wolf Integrated appliances.[/caption] There is an appliance for everybody no matter what your needs in the kitchen, but many are drawn to a cohesive layout in terms of fluidity with custom cabinetry. Sub-Zero and Wolf has been a leader in residential kitchen appliances since 1945. Known for bringing state-of-the-art tools to domestic kitchens, the Wisconsin-based company is still impressing designers and homeowners alike with their ability to create a professional cooking line and stellar food preservation appliances.
“No other company integrates as seamlessly as a Sub-Zero,” explains Senior Designer Debbie Larson. “Their line is the most complete in the industry.”
The best part though, is non-tangible. It’s how they value their customers and the support they give to the design community. In the spring, Debbie ventured up to the Sub-Zero and Wolf headquarters in Wisconsin to get on-site training on new product and offerings for kitchen designers. The most interesting perk, according to Debbie, was a new online product modeling app built for the design community.
“I was impressed (and excited) about how Sub-Zero and Wolf is invested in the designer and the end result of their products in the spaces we create,” explains Debbie. “It makes for more than a top-of-the-line experience.”
Referring to “Reveal” the new hassle-free tool helps designers configure the exact Sub-Zero and Wolf product they need. One cabinet may contain three appliances or maybe you are nesting two Sub-Zero refrigerators next to each other - “Reveal” calculates clearances, panel and cabinet opening sizes. In addition, it considers rough in locations for electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Time-saving and super accurate.

Debbie mentioned Sub-Zero and Wolf were not only providing a quality product, they care about the design end of it just as much as the user experience. With so many possibilities (and we mean MANY with over 30 options for full-size refrigeration, wine storage, and under-the-counter varieties alone) both large kitchens and small spaces alike can pack a mean design punch.
“Larger kitchens often call for multiple prep and cooling stations and with Sub-Zero and Wolf, we can separate function for specific areas, completely tailored to the individual client’s daily needs and function.”
Design that makes sense and flourishes when in use. The flexibility is what draws Debbie to using Sub-Zero and Wolf in her clients’ kitchens, especially the column option. Featuring a solid door with no horizontal lines, the Sub-Zero and Wolf column refrigerator/freezer combo is a slim version that has been on Debbie’s “wish list” for some time.
“On the design end, this opens up so many opportunities in regards to refrigeration,” explains Debbie. “With the classic refrigerator, you’re locked in to that permanently. The columns allow us to line up the paneling any way we want to. It all goes back to a brilliant design and functionality of the kitchen.”
While some of Debbie’s clients buy groceries and produce for the week, others buy an entire cow partnering with co-operative dairy and protein groups.
“The PB Kitchen Design team finds Sub-Zero and Wolf has options that fit the uniqueness of our customers and their requirements,” explains Debbie.
One of the newest products in the Sub-Zero and Wolf refrigeration lineup is a 24“ column with a freezer behind the door. An ultra slim cooling system, with an impressive two-part system feature, keeps food spoilage at bay by way of NASA-inspired air purification. Add in the 8 cu. ft. refrigerator and 3.1 cu. ft. freezer storage, and even the smallest space can experience the freshest food possible. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or casual cook, we’re confident in the Sub-Zero and Wolf refrigeration line up to problem-solve, making your kitchen experience (and your kitchen’s design) impeccable.

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