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3 tips for minding your kitchen design budget

3 tips to minding your kitchen design budget 1. Share your budget with your trusted design advisors. Ouch, I know. That hurts right? If they are in fact a trusted part of the team, you will only gain from this. Why? The bidding process is faster when you share your budget and you will make your designer really think about cost engineering the design when a budget is put in front of them. If you'd rather not tip your hand first; then ask the designer; "how much do your kitchens cost?". That will get you started on a path of good communication with your designer. 2. Keep the new kitchen layout within the four walls of your space. Don't think about expanding the footprint of the house until you've exhausted all other layout options. Get creative, small structural changes, such as shifting a doorway can reap big rewards for minimal expense. Additions are expensive, consider it only as a last resort. 3. Prioritize. There are several major cost centers in a kitchen remodel. Cabinets, counters, appliances... Decide where you want to place the highest priority. Do you really need that 15k appliance package? Maybe if you go with the GE package you can get those great custom cabinets you want. Maybe a less expensive granite or laminate would suffice rather than the Calcutta Gold marble you've been eyeing. Past Basket Design has been meeting client budgets for as long as we've been in business. We want to provide the kitchen of your dreams while meeting your budget. We offer cabinet options that are quite affordable (including semi - custom). To learn more please contact us.
Past Basket (Design) impressed us with their creative design skills and resources. They went out of their way to make this a fun and rewarding experience. We came in on time and on budget – we wouldn’t do a kitchen without them. J.S., Kenosha, WI