Mc Fadden A Web Feature August 23, 2016

Kitchen Remodel Tool Guide

When considering to purchase a home and you are unsure about the potential of a kitchen space, what should you do? The kitchen is often THE most important room to a family and when faced with an awful existing kitchen design, home buyers question whether or not the house is right for a future remodel. During a real estate transaction, however, there is rarely enough time to bring in a professional before making the purchase decision, so what can you do to improve the chances that you’re dream kitchen is lying beneath the surface of what’s already there? Islands – If you want decent size island and intend to have cabinets on both sides of the island (like the photo below) I look for 14’ wide spaces. You can do with less if you shorten or eliminate cabinets on one wall or skinny up the island. [caption id="attachment_4410" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design Traditional White Kitchen with island (PB Kitchen Design Traditional kitchen with island, St. Charles, Illinois)[/caption] Older homes – The most challenging spaces (and personally the most satisfying to work on as a designer) are old homes with small kitchens. They can be especially tricky if the kitchen has a lot of doors, however, every space can be improved upon. It is important to be realistic about a space that exudes historic roots and be open to compromise. Our examples below highlight great little kitchens we have designed in old homes. [caption id="attachment_4403" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design traditional rustic kitchen Geneva Illinois PB Kitchen Design created this efficient kitchen in Geneva, Illinois.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4405" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Past Basket created a kitchen for Alain Roby (international pastry chef and owner/executive chef at All Chocolate Kitchen) and his wife, which was a 98 sq. ft. project Past Basket created a kitchen for Alain Roby (international pastry chef and owner/executive chef at All Chocolate Kitchen) and his wife, which was a 98 sq. ft. project.[/caption] Creating an open concept kitchen – A lot of people want to remove a wall between the kitchen to an adjacent room in order to open the space up and have a more modern floorplan. Ask yourself, “Does that wall house cabinets and appliances? Before you take the sledge hammer to the wall, think about where those displaced elements can go in the new layout. Open concepts are great but the trade off often is cabinet space. Is there room for everything? [caption id="attachment_4411" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design Bespoke Kitchen with island Naperville Illinois PB Kitchen Design (In this Naperville, Illinois, project the door between the dining room and kitchen was widened to 8 feet.)[/caption] Bring a tape measure – Take a tape measure and masking tape. Layout the pieces as best you can. For a great pro measuring tool – download the app “My Measures.” You can take photos and overlay measurements on the photo. It’s great for visualizing later when you’re trying to remember what you saw, especially if you tour multiple homes they can tend to blend together in your mind. Define your wish list – Go appliance browsing now. See what you like and if there’s a major space consuming piece such as a 48” range. Have it in mind while looking at your house. I can’t speak for other designers but we can usually help a client see the potential opportunities or challenge If we can view photos of the kitchen space and overall dimensions. Don’t hesitate to call on your local kitchen designer for guidance.


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