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LED Lighting in Kitchen and Home Remodeling

LED Lighting Kitchen Design PB Kitchen Design Geneva Illinois Allan Phillips, Lighting & Home Automation Specialist and Houzz Contributor in Brisbane, Australia, has seen the evolution of lighting over the years. In his recent article, 8 Things You Never Knew About New Lighting Technology, Phillips talks about elements of modern lighting design that you may not realize existed, and how our PB Kitchen Design project in Naperville, Illinois, fits the bill for this amazing upgrade in how we “see” our living spaces.


Did you know LED lighting uses 80 percent less energy than incandescent? It’s true, and according to Phillips, it’s because using LED products is a “waste-free” approach to illumination.
“I’m sure you will have never seen this advertised on the box, but incandescent, halogen and CFL lights produce mostly light we can’t see,” explains Phillips. “That is, only 15 percent of the energy becomes physical light, the rest is heat, infrared, ultra-violet, and various other by-products that are not visible light. Therefore, the driving force in the LED revolution is the massive improvement in efficiency.”

Your art collection’s going love you.

UV lighting causes major damage to paintings and artwork, and because LED emits no UV whatsoever, it’s not only super-efficient, this light source is “culturally-sensitive.” Gabrielle Serriere, Senior Lighting Designer at Architecture & Light in her article, Light Illuminated for SORAA (a California-based company that creates breakthrough and efficient lighting sources), talks about the detailed specifications and complexities involved in lighting and displaying artwork.
“Until quite recently, the LED world was not capable of adequately presenting art,” says Serriere. “The appropriate products from which we can now choose are still slim – but high quality products do exist.”

Built to suit your every whim.

[caption id="attachment_3451" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett Technology Solutions Design Center in Naperville, Illinois
[/caption] One of our projects graced the list for amazing lighting systems. Our vignette within Barrett Technology Solution’s Design Center in Naperville, Illinois, is one of its kind in the industry. Built to inspire and inform, this kitchen showcases today’s most innovative solutions in real world settings. All the technology (video, audio, lighting, security and HVAC) is controlled through a single app on the iPad. Even the motorized window shades, task & accent lighting are controlled via the Lutron Lighting Control System. [caption id="attachment_3502" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett's Technology Design Center iPad station in the vignette Barrett Technology Solutions Design Center in Naperville, Illinois[/caption] It allows for lighting scene selection at the touch of a single button – including a “Cook” scene which when pressed will activate the lighting to an optimal 100% over the kitchen sink and island areas, and will also drop the motorized spice rack from behind the wall cabinet. [caption id="attachment_3503" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Spice rack at the PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett's Technology Design Center Spice rack in the PB Kitchen Design vignette at Barrett Technology Solutions Design Center in Naperville, Illinois
[/caption] Technology has drastically changed the function and use of lighting in the kitchen, and in a positive way, not only in terms of efficiency, but in regard to the overall styling and user experience. From the kitchen to the halls of the Louvre, the use of LED streamlines the elements needed, no matter where you need illumination.

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