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Lost and Found: Incorporating found objects into kitchen design

PB Kitchen Design Rustic Kitchen Hinsdale

Let’s examine a kitchen PB Kitchen Design created a few years ago for our showroom, and focus in on the hows and whys we used repurposed items in this particular project in Geneva, Illinois. The main focal point, a large mantle hood positioned over a La Cornue range, creates a separation between the sink and range walls. Six foot reclaimed wood beams surround the range, which were sourced through a local salvage company, adding to the buffer between the two workstations.

The process of preparing reclaimed lumber is a laborious one, as the beams are first cleaned to rid the years of grime, splinters, and unwanted perfections. Next, the wood is sanded, stained and waxed (the wax adds a dull sheen and a bit of a build to the finish). When searching for lumber projects, we always look for wood that can be cleaned up and used nicely in a finished home, but still retain the character obtained over years of service in its original home.

PB Kitchen Design Rustic Kitchen Hinsdale

Our design team was particularly proud of the pot rack on the range wall, which was also recovered and reused. Found at the antique store, this piece of metal was from an old butcher shop. For our showroom kitchen, it was cut, spliced to fit the width required over the range, and mounted to the slate backsplash. The result, the old metalwork harmonized beautifully with the new stained and glazed cabinets, hammered limestone countertops, and the La Cornue range. The living brass finish and handmade iron hardware brings old and new together making guests question which elements are historic.

PB Kitchen Design Rustic Kitchen Hinsdale

In our kitchen design, even the pantry is a work of art. The pantry doors in this kitchen are truly one of a kind and while we wanted there to be a separation between the kitchen and walk-in pantry, we also wanted to admire the pantry cabinetry and shelving.

PB Kitchen Design Artisan Vintage Pantry Doors HinsdaleWe hunted for and found some lovingly established old paneled interior doors that were missing their original glass. With an idea to replace the open space with some sort of iron, we worked with a salvage company that was able to locate vintage fencing that reflected the old world vibe of the kitchen. The fencing was then reshaped and carefully fitted into the door openings. While this kitchen features naturally beautiful found items, we can’t help but boast about the artisans that brought these unique kitchen elements to life. Metal artisans forged and hammered the island legs, the hammered pewter sink, and copper drawer fronts in the pantry. Taking into account the warm rustic theme, the entire kitchen is tied together with painted and glazed juniper color alder wood cabinets. This space, which we fondly refer to as “Wonderfully Rustic”, has been admired by many and was a finalist in the National Kitchen and Bath Association Design Contest. An artisan-rich example of kitchen design, we were excited to find a unique combination of materials and design details that blended to form an originally rustic kitchen with a European flair. Interested to see the pantry shelving? See the beautiful and "Wonderfully Rustic" space on our Portfolio page. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save