PB Kitchen Design Mud Room Glen Ellyn Laundry Room Washer Dryer Locker Custom Cabinetry February 10, 2017

Maximizing your mud room: Getting organized in 2017

[caption id="attachment_4879" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design Mud Room Glen Ellyn Laundry Room Organizational Baskets Bench Custom Cabinetry Maximizing function in the mud room by adding areas to organize is key.[/caption] Being an organized person has nothing to do with being perfect. It does, however, have everything to do with assessing your routine and making powerful choices to put in place an organizational system that works for you and your family. Half of the struggle of getting organized in 2017 can be found in one room of your home - the entry and exit area, a.k.a. the mud room. A fantastic example of maximized function can be found in one of our Glen Ellyn projects that combines the mud room with a laundry station, all presented through rich Scandinavian-like colors and cabinetry. This space was featured on Houzz in the article, "Small Wonders: 9 Space-Saving Broom Closets." As we examine what to consider before setting up your functional space, our Glen Ellyn mud room will nicely reflect the useful features that can be add ed. [caption id="attachment_4875" align="alignleft" width="200"]PB Kitchen Design MudRoom Glen Ellyn Laundry Room Organization Storage Lockers Storage Lockers in Laundry/Mud Room Combo[/caption] Tip #1 - Think about every moment you and your family spend in the mud room during the day. What’s your routine like? For example, your morning activity may look like this: Wake up, put on coffee, let dog outside. Grab car keys from table in mud room to get missing mitten from car. Search for phone to charge up before leaving for work (it would be nice to have a charging station in the mud room by your keys to grab right before we leave.) Let dog in and feed him. Next, the kids barrel into the mud room to fill backpacks with homework, sports equipment, put on coats and shoes. In the afternoon, the mud room could possibly resemble a war zone if your space is not set up for maximum function: Children return from school and dump all their belongings on the floor, distracted by the mail, you drop your bag, car keys, and empty Starbucks cup on the nearest surface, shoes get kicked off by everyone and are strewn about mismatched and ready to be tripped on… [caption id="attachment_4876" align="aligncenter" width="696"]PB Kitchen Design Mud Room Glen Ellyn Laundry Room Organization Custom Cabinetry Pull out trash containers, sink, and pet station.[/caption] Tip #2 - Now, think about all 4 seasons. The Midwest covers all 4 of those seasons, and even some we’ve never experienced before, so think about everything that enters your home via the mud room based on the calendar year minus the items we identified in Tip #1. (Keys, purses, coats, backpacks, etc.)
  • Winter – Snow boots, hats, gloves, snow pants, winter sports equipment
  • Spring – Umbrellas, spring sports equipment, Wellies and children’s rain boots
  • Summer – Pool/beach towels, swim gear, dog leash, dog toys, sun hats, sunglasses
  • Fall – Fall sports equipment, hats, gloves, scarves
With all this talk about sports equipment, let’s touch upon two elements of the mud room that are often overlooked as useful and undeniably necessary: a washer/dryer combo and windows. The capacity to immediately load the washer with sweaty socks and jackets that need a refresher can up the ante in your mission for organization this year. [caption id="attachment_4880" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PB Kitchen Design Mud Room Glen Ellyn Laundry Room Washer Dryer Locker Custom Cabinetry Adding a washer/dryer combo will take your ability to multitask to the next level.[/caption] Pair the appliance duo with some fresh air, and you may just hang out in the mud room and admire its beauty over your morning cup of coffee. Tip #3 – Flooring. Think about your family in their messiest capacity and then choose flooring. In our Glen Ellyn project, the homeowner chose a stone that would be easy to clean. “The bottom line is you’re going to get water on that floor, so finding a durable option like slate or porcelain trumps hardwood every time,” comments PB Kitchen Design Senior Designer, Debbie Larson. Tip #4 - Add enclosed storage. The mud room is a very convenient place to house extra towels for all occasions. Fluffy gets wet in the rain, your 10-year-old decides to invite his entire baseball team over after a muddy game, your guests forgot their towels for the pool… Cabinets can store anything from seasonal items to miscellaneous items you need to stow away for company. [gallery columns="2" ids="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,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"] Tip #5 – Consider the people who use the mud room. Everyone has their own needs for storage, so during the planning stages, think about each person individually. Marta rides horses and needs a space to put her riding helmet while Jack plays hockey and needs adequate room for his bulky equipment. Mom is an avid gardener and often brings in a basket of herbs and flowers from the garden along with her dirty gardening shoes. Dad spends a lot of his spare time repairing his vintage Harley, so his riding accessories need a place too… Your duo of dogs are frequently out and about in the yard (and sometimes take off for an adventure in the lake behind your house), so reworking the mud room by moving the laundry space to the second floor would free up room for a washing station. While this is a detailed look into a variety of scenarios, that may or may not reflect the way you use your mud room in particular, it is universally a good start for scratching the surface of maximizing function in the mud room. For more mudroom photos, visit our portfolio page on Houzz. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save