Testmeta February 20, 2013

Not Seeing is Believing - Great Chicago Kitchen Design

Great kitchen design must be inherently functional. Often, however, this stipulation can challenge even the most accomplished designers as they strive to balance utilitarian elements with beauty and creativity. Past Basket Design has, for over twenty years, found this challenge exhilarating. So many of our most memorable ideas have been forged within these confines. Take, for example, the many creative ways we have found to camouflage or work around the ever present electrical outlet and switch. We’ve got nothing on the award-winning flush-mounted outlets now offered by Trufig. They are truly a revolutionary design solution as they not only maintain a consistent aesthetic by matching any wall or ceiling surface but adhere to all state and municipal building codes, as well. In the photo of our Geneva, IL showroom below, note how the outlet is integrated by matching it to the wood veneer backsplash. (outlet is just to the right of the silver teapot) For a tile backsplash, the solution is to apply a faux paint coat to the outlet for a sleek, professional finish.

chicago kitchen remodeler

In the close up below, the details are evident, allowing the outlet to be completely functional as well as fully integrated into the backsplash.

chicago trufig kitchen

Trufig also offers a host of other kitchen and home design solutions. From electrical outlets and switches to controls for audio visual and heating, Trufig is able to provide answers to many of your design questions including how to integrate HVAC, home security and even iPad ®and iPod Touch ® panels. This amazing new technology, coupled with innovative design, is something you have to not see for yourself! Looking for a dream custom kitchen with a timeless style? We invite you to talk to the design experts at Past Basket Design to learn how you can transform your kitchen. Please visit our Chicago area showroom at 200 South Third Street – Geneva, IL or contact us at 630-208-1011.