PBK 12 1120 Pearson D 16 M 1 January 11, 2013

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

If carefully planned, open kitchen shelving can make quite a statement. Here’s a recent project we completed in the Chicago area that wonderfully showcases open kitchen shelving. With this open shelving concept, the homeowner is able to display their daily tableware and beautiful accessories instead of these pieces sitting behind a closed cabinet door. This technique adds visual interest while complementing the custom kitchen island, marble countertops and beamed ceiling. The open shelving is supported by custom made, one of a kind iron brackets. These iron brackets were designed by the Past Basket Design team in collaboration with the client’s design ideas and executed by a metal artisan. Also, take notice of the low voltage lighting within the shelves themselves. The specific placement of the lighting creates the right ambience for this space. Is open kitchen shelving right for your kitchen? We invite you to talk to the design experts at Past Basket Design to learn how you can transform your kitchen. Please visit our Chicago area showroom at 200 South Third Street – Geneva, IL or contact us at 630-208-1011. chicago kitchen design