What’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen? Granite – A Stone Cold Solid Choice For Your Kitchen Counters with Kayte Becker, Architectural & Design Sales Representative – Chicago, Levantina USA

  In our series What’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen? we have been impressed and inspired by the chefs and farmers interviewed this past year. Expanding upon this trend, for the new year, we have included kitchen industry experts and looked to Kayte Becker, A&D-Rep for Levantina’s Chicago Stone Center, to provide her insight and experience for our series. Levantina The […]

Arts and crafts styled kitchen in Wheaton Illinois paired with asian themed tea image.

Quarter Sawn Oak Makes The Cut

Quarter Sawn Oak has a rich history in American furniture and cabinet making. Catalog companies such as Sears and Montgomery Ward sold and distributed the first “American Style” of furniture to the masses beginning in the late 19th century. However, the affordability, usefulness, and generous supply of Flat Cut Oak (also known as Plain Sawn or Flat Sawn) has led […]

Sous Vide Cooking PB Kitchen Design Chicago IL

Sous vide: The next hot tool for home chefs

The idea of reasonably breezing through dinner preparation seems like a pipe dream at times, unless you want to feed your family something of the frozen or “drive through” variety. Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a technique that professional kitchens have been utilizing for years. Ever wonder how a chef can provide evenly cooked main courses in a snap when […]

Trend Report: Open Shelving

On the fence about open shelving? If you flip through any lifestyle magazine lately, open shelving abounds in kitchen design, mirroring an old world-esque kitchen of our ancestors where the kitchen served much more as function than fancy. Plates, pots, and bowls were always at the ready, displayed front and center for convenience. Many homeowners today cringe at the thought […]

Large family friendly kitchen in St. Charles Illinois PB Kitchen Design Geneva IL

A family-sized chef’s kitchen in St. Charles, Illinois

The layout can make or break a kitchen design when it comes to establishing a hospitable vibe and maintaining high function. This existing kitchen, while sufficient in size and counter space, was not conducive to the amount of activity that happened regularly in this energetic family. A considerable amount of time socializing and cooking was always happening, and the PB […]

Linda McFadden Past Basket Milwaukee The Bubble Joy

Past Basket Founder, Linda McFadden, Featured on Vintage Housewares Style Blog

Our very own Linda McFadden, founder of Past Basket, was featured in a beautiful photo essay article, “The Elegant Entrepreneur From Estonia”, on The Bubble Joy with Mithra Ballesteros. Not only did Linda create a knockout tablescape on the beach at the McFadden’s Lake Michigan Home, author Mithra dipped into what makes Linda, Linda. “Linda believes in relaxed entertaining. Her […]

Dark Kitchen Geneva Custom Italian Pewter Island Geneva IL

Bespoke Kitchen in Geneva, IL – Dark, not stark proves popular

White has persistently dominated the kitchen design scene, but the stark hue is not always for everybody. Mitchell Parker, home design journalist and Editor on Houzz, featured three kitchens in his recent article, How Dark Can Your Kitchen Go?, including a Geneva, Illinois, project by the PB Kitchen Design Team. Senior Designer, Dave McFadden, turned the homeowner’s modest square footage […]