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Pantry Shelving - Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

A customer, recently browsing through our design studio, was overheard “oohing and aahing”. We hate to sound smug but we’re kind of used to that. The fact that she was standing in front of our Simon Pearce display made it even less surprising. Tier upon tier of exquisite, hand crafted glass and beautiful pottery can have that effect on people. What was shocking, however, was that her excitement was not over the items on display but on the shelving that was merely there to support. The ingénue stole the movie. Granted, these are no ordinary shelves. Neither will yours be. Each piece is crafted from an old beam, repurposed and made to order. Floating off the wall, they can steal the thunder of handblown glass and they can elevate a piece of Pyrex to artwork status. When designed into a walk-in pantry they are a kitchen makeover’s game changer. A walk in pantry frees up your kitchen space to be more flexible (no need for a large pantry cabinet). The shelves are finished off with concealed low voltage lighting which is cut into a notch along the shelf bottoms. We agree with designer Debbie Larson when she says “It’s not just about cabinets. It’s about solutions for the way our clients live.” More than any room in the house, kitchens require cabinets and shelves. We may have just eliminated the need for the doors they used to hide behind. Until, of course, you see what we do with old doors. Looking for a dream custom kitchen with a timeless style? We invite you to talk to the design experts at Past Basket Design to learn how you can transform and remodel your kitchen. Please visit our Chicago area showroom at 200 South Third Street – Geneva, IL or contact us at 630-208-1011. chicago kitchen remodeler - past basket design