14foxvalleyfoodforhealthpacking3x August 09, 2013

Past Basket Cares

pastbasketdashalbert Fox Valley Food for Health is a project linking teens with those in need. Founded in September of 2012, FVFFH has made and delivered 100's of healthy meals to area residents in need. The local initiative is funded solely by securing grants and donations. Local area teens are involved in the food preparation under the guidance of mentor chefs. In the month of August, Past Basket Design will donate 5% of its retail sales proceeds to help out FVFFH. More information about this great organization can be found on their website at FVFFH. 01FoxValleyFoodFor Healthleadersx 02foxvalleyfoodforhealthmaindish1x 03foxvalleyfoodforhealthmaindish3x 04foxvalleyfoodforhealthmaindish4x 05foxvalleyfoodforhealthmenu4x 06foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks1x 07foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks2x 08foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks3x 09foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks4x 10foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks5x 11foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks6x 12foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks7x 13foxvalleyfoodforhealthstudentcooks8x 14foxvalleyfoodforhealthpacking3x 15foxvalleyfoodforhealthpacking2x 16foxvalleyfoodforhealthpacking1x 17foxvalleyfoodforhealthpacking5x 18foxvalleyfoodfor healthdessertx