3 August 22, 2017

Past Basket Founder, Linda McFadden, Featured on Vintage Housewares Style Blog

[caption id="attachment_5326" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Linda McFadden Past Basket Milwaukee Home TabletopShop Linda McFadden, the "elegant pirate." Image credit, Renn Kuhnen[/caption] Our very own Linda McFadden, founder of Past Basket, was featured in a beautiful photo essay article, “The Elegant Entrepreneur From Estonia”, on The Bubble Joy with Mithra Ballesteros. Not only did Linda create a knockout tablescape on the beach at the McFadden’s Lake Michigan Home, author Mithra dipped into what makes Linda, Linda.
"Linda believes in relaxed entertaining. Her quiet but confident hospitality puts everyone at ease. She doesn't fuss over starched linens. She arranges flowers loosely in whatever containers she has available. She mashes up an old world European elegance with a modern American country style."
Continuously connected with nature, Linda is known for her ability to use natural elements in her décor style and brings that love of the outdoors into her Milwaukee home shop. [caption id="attachment_5327" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Whimsical Nautical Table Setting on Beach by Linda McFadden Milwaukee Wisconsin Table setting by Linda McFadden. Image credit, Renn Kuhnen[/caption]
“But it's not just the pretty inventory that makes Linda's shop so special. She cuts the sweetness of her style with a dose of nature. She uses birch trees as design elements, and did so long before it became trendy. She decorates with nests, branches, leaves, logs, shells, and wildflowers foraged from her yard. No vignette in her shop is complete without a reference to Mother Earth.”
Everyone has a story and Linda's is one of courage and a soft tenacity that Mithra beautifully captures in the excerpt below: [caption id="attachment_5331" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Linda, Dave, and Rudy McFadden on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin Linda, Dave, and Rudy McFadden. Image credit, Renn Kuhnen[/caption]
“She and her family escaped the Soviet invasion of Estonia, lived as refugees in Germany for five years, and then arrived in the United States when Linda was thirteen…” ...Learning that Linda journeyed to America on a boat, I understand her love of dishes painted with ships. She lived as a refugee, and she knows that a beautiful table makes daily life a little better. Perhaps because she experienced the loss of her home as a child, Linda holds dear all the little things that make a house a home.”
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