Kersch Island in shop600 1 January 20, 2012

Premier Custom Built shop photos

Our latest post is a reprint of a blog post by one of our suppliers of fine cabinetry, Premier Custom Built in New Holland, PA. Their product development guru, Scott Stultz, writes about one of our pieces; soon to be installed in a West Suburban kitchen. Thanks Scott! Two days a week, I leave my quiet studio and come out to New Holland to work on site at research and development, marketing, designer assistance and other projects. When I’m here, I can quickly get questions answered, discuss technical issues, and toss ideas around with some of the industry’s most talented and accomplished people. Whether I need to or not, I often find my way out to the shop several times a day, sometimes simply to observe randomly whatever catches my eye The shop floor at Premier is an addictive environment. When one passes through the door, from the offices out to the plant, the purposeful energy of skilled craftsmen creating exceptional work is as palpable as the hum of saws and sanders and the whooshing sound of sawdust being drawn into the dust collection system. These people do their jobs so well and so consistently that it’s easy to take what happens here for granted; unless you go out there and pause to really watch what they’re doing. Being here on a regular basis has given me the opportunity to see projects progress from the rough mill through to final inspection. Last week, I noticed a neat stack of hefty worktable legs, perfectly lathe turned from rare and stunningly beautiful fumed solid white oak from Germany, sitting on a wooden cart near one of the specials workbenches. When I saw them again yesterday morning, they had become part of a large custom designed worktable, which was being engineered for final assembly at its destination in a Chicago area kitchen designed by the team at Past Basket. The care and precision that has gone into every one of the many operations required for its fabrication is impressive, all the more so given that the piece is one of a kind. Few cabinet shops have the breadth and depth of capability and the willingness to produce kitchen furniture such as this. If any prospective client was to question the value of Premier’s work and try to compare it against would be competitors, a visit to the shop to see what goes into making this product would erase all doubt.