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Quarter Sawn Oak Makes The Cut

Quarter Sawn Oak has a rich history in American furniture and cabinet making. Catalog companies such as Sears and Montgomery Ward sold and distributed the first "American Style" of furniture to the masses beginning in the late 19th century. However, the affordability, usefulness, and generous supply of Flat Cut Oak (also known as Plain Sawn or Flat Sawn) has led to a big run for it in more modern times. This type of oak has been used extensively in cabinets. Unfortunately, its persistent use in mediocre grades coupled with some uninspired designs, have left many altogether disenchanted with the species. But you have options with oak. Quarter Sawn Oak differs from Flat Cut Oak in how the log is cut. Quarter Sawn Wood, simply put, is the process of milling where the log is cut into four quarters, then the boards are cut at a radial angle or toward the center of the tree. The result is a board that is very stable as well as exhibits a unique visual character because of how the boards were cut through the annual growth rings. Whereas with Flat Cut Oak, the most common type of cut, one saws the entire log without quartering it first. The result is an entirely different look than Quarter Sawn lumber. For more clarification, check out this great article including visuals from the Hardwood Distributor's Association website. Enough tech talk, let's look at what you can do with Quarter Sawn Oak, all examples are from our PB Kitchen Design portfolio. [caption id="attachment_3330" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Colorado High Country, Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry, by PB Kitchen Design in Keystone, Colorado[/caption]

A rustic feel

As I mentioned above, Quarter Sawn Oak is a sturdy wood and it looks the part too. Its beefy quality, and ability to accept stains and physical distressing make it a perfect wood species choice for this rustic yet inviting kitchen. Learn more ...

Bring in some color

Quarter Sawn Oak has not missed out on the grey wave. In this Traditional/Transitional kitchen, the oak reveals its character, piercing through the wood stain, retaining a natural look. Learn more ... [caption id="attachment_4450" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Transitional Kitchen PB Kitchen Design Sugar Grove Illinois Traditional/Transitional Kitchen, Signature Custom Cabinetry, by PB Kitchen Design in Sugar Grove, Illinois.[/caption]

Classic Arts & Crafts

This design embodies a classic use of Quarter Sawn Oak - an Arts & Crafts Style kitchen in a golden oak stain color. Learn more ... Image of Arts & Crafts kitchen showcasing clean lines of lower cabinets, integrated refrigerator, and upper doors with glass inserts, in Wheaton, IL, by PB Kitchen Design. Arts & Crafts, QCCI Cabinetry, by PB Kitchen Design in Wheaton, Illinois. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save