Fresh Carrots e1452773749157 January 15, 2016

The new kitchen design staple - steam ovens

Fresh carrots A Past Basket client is creative, purposeful, and has a forward-thinking desire when it comes to the health of their family. One appliance is becoming a fast staple to the Past Basket kitchen design process - the steam oven. With a reputation of being the healthiest way to cook, and rightly so, the steam oven provides a method of cooking that is similar to the benefits of pressure cooking in that steam is used, but allows a flexibility of a more intelligent and hands-on culinary experience.

It’s healthier.

Instead of using oil to aid in the cooking process, steam replaces the need for various fats. This simple swap of elements not only serves up artisan-worthy bread and perfectly prepared asparagus – the nutritional element of food is immediately preserved. According to a study by UC Davis, depending on the type of heat method used to cook a leafy green like spinach or kale, up to 55% of the ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) can be lost. By using a steam oven, we’re talking about boosting optimum nutrient value of the already healthy meals you are trying to create because the steam oven minimizes the loss of nutrients.

The flexibility factor.

The opportunity for you to become a master at any type of culinary genre is now at your fingertips. The steam oven takes the guesswork out of preparing more complicated dishes like soufflés, immediately upgrading you from humdrum short-order cook to a courageous chef of fine cuisine.

It’s a smart oven.

The Wolf convection steam oven harnesses the power of a climate sensor that, at the touch of a button, detects the consistency and weight of your desired dish and adjusts the temperature and cooking time accordingly. (Think - no more guess time in meal prep and more time for creating brave dishes…)

Jaw-dropping leftovers.

Leftovers will never be boring again. Texture and taste is maintained, making yesterday’s dinner just as savory as it was the moment it hit the plate. How? The perfect combination of steam and dry heat. Wolf boasts a "fresh from the bakery goodness" by offering a reheat mode for mildly stale bread. The benefit to adding a steam oven to your meal preparation repertoire is obvious. Can a kitchen appliance be labeled as magical? Absolutely! Past Basket clients have taken wellness up a notch with addition of the steam oven. After installing the Wolf convection steam oven in several of our last kitchen design projects, we feel confident knowing our clients will not only create meals worthy of a 5-star restaurant, but that we have contributed to an element of nutrition in their personal cooking experience.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf