Annie Silvestri F Ishermens Inn July 12, 2016

What's Cookin' in Your Kitchen? Q & A with Annie Silvestri of Fishermen's Inn, Elburn, IL

[caption id="attachment_4271" align="alignleft" width="300"]Image of Chef Annie Silvestri in the kitchen at Fishermen's Inn, Elburn. (Chef Annie Silvestri in the kitchen at Fishermen's Inn, Elburn, IL.)[/caption] We are excited to announce a new series on our blog entitled, “What’s Cookin’ in your Kitchen?”. On the hunt for noteworthy chefs and restauranteurs throughout the Chicago area and around the United States, PB Kitchen Design is taking a sneak peek into our favorite food gurus' personal home kitchens. Our first chef is a Sous Chef at Fishermen's Inn in Elburn, Illinois. We interviewed Aurora native Annie Silvestri who has been creating everything from appetizers to pastries since her introduction to the culinary world at Chicago’s Robert Morris University Institute of Culinary Arts in 2011. In early 2014, Annie stepped into the role as a part-time prep cook and quickly transitioned into a Sous at the rustic, yet elegant, event and wedding venue in the far west suburbs and hasn’t looked back. During our interview, Annie spoke of her grandmother being an integral part of her passion in the kitchen. A reminder of happy memories, Annie loves the feelings she gets anytime she makes one of her grandmother's dishes. “She had a huge impact on my love for food…”

Tell me about your home kitchen. Is it recently remodeled? Do you have a small kitchen space?

I live with my parents still so I have to share kitchen space with quite a few people. It's not very big but we recently updated most of our appliances. The newest addition is a beautiful convection oven!

Compared to the kitchen where you work, how do make your home kitchen work?

Anytime I cook at home I joke that I'm cooking in a Barbie kitchen. Everything is smaller at home, from the cutting boards to the oven. I make meals happen, but I'm definitely spoiled with all the extra space at work.

If you were on a desert island, what three kitchen tools would you bring with you?

I'm not sure how exactly these would save me or how long I'd survive, but I would need my chef's knife, a large mixing bowl, and a meat mallet. That way I can hunt, gather, and break things down.

What impresses you about residential kitchen design today?

I love looking at different residential kitchen designs. From dark wood with warm tones, to all white with pops of color - I love the versatility. It's also really cool to see industrial stoves and equipment in someone's home. I've seen some designs where it is flawlessly integrated. [caption id="attachment_4272" align="alignright" width="225"]Image of Chef Silvestri in her home kitchen. (Chef Silvestri in her home kitchen.)[/caption]

When you cook, are you a messy cook? A social cook? Do you let your significant other help with the cooking or ban him from the kitchen?

I've definitely learned to clean as I go. When I first started cooking I was a human tornado. I would use every possible dish in the kitchen. Nowadays, I'm more efficient. I am definitely a social butterfly in the kitchen. That said, I do know when to put my head down and get things done. I would love for my boyfriend to cook with me. I recently taught him how to boil water! He does the dishes for me which I'm grateful for!

If you were to design your dream kitchen, what features would be the most important to you?

My dream kitchen would have a beautiful big Wolf stove (with a range and flattop), an island, a hidden baking cubby, and lots of cabinets and storage! A girl can dream, right? Save Save Save Save Save Save