PB Kitchen Design View from Mudroom Scandinavian Style

Vertical Real Estate: Maximizing Your Laundry Room

The PB Kitchen Design Team recently received press in the laundry and mud room categories from the Houzz Editorial Team! In the article, The Hardworking Laundry Room: A Place for Brooms and Mops, Houzz Contributor Becky Harris explains that it doesn’t take a lot of real estate to give brooms and mops a designated home, if you have the right […]

PB Kitchen Design Blog Can a kitchen remodel help you lead a healthier life

Can a kitchen remodel help you lead a healthier life?

Did you know that a kitchen remodel can help lead to a healthier life? According to a study by Houzz of homeowners that took the remodeling plunge in 2016, 33% of families are reporting that they are eating healthier since their new kitchen was installed. But why? Well, setting yourself up for a healthier lifestyle takes a multifaceted approach, and […]

Two Toned Kitchen PB Kitchen Design Geneva Illinois

2017 Kitchen Trends: Two-toned cabinetry

We’re always pleased to hear people like our portfolio, and one of our clients recently talked about how refreshing it was to see a variety of styles of kitchens on our Houzz page. And it’s true, instead of referring back to old projects for inspiration and modifying for a new space, we prefer to take a Bespoke approach and tailor […]

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Maximizing your mud room: Getting organized in 2017

Being an organized person has nothing to do with being perfect. It does, however, have everything to do with assessing your routine and making powerful choices to put in place an organizational system that works for you and your family. Half of the struggle of getting organized in 2017 can be found in one room of your home – the […]

PB Kitchen Design traditional rustic kitchen Geneva Illinois

Kitchen Remodel Tool Guide

When considering to purchase a home and you are unsure about the potential of a kitchen space, what should you do? The kitchen is often THE most important room to a family and when faced with an awful existing kitchen design, home buyers question whether or not the house is right for a future remodel. During a real estate transaction, […]

Transitional Kitchen PB Kitchen Design Sugar Grove Illinois

Transitional Kitchen Design Explained

We recently interviewed Kevin Martin, Developer of Inspiration and Innovation for Quality Custom Cabinetry Inc. QCCI is a luxury custom cabinet manufacturer that has been producing our clients’ kitchens for over 20 years. In the mid 2000s, Kevin Martin, was professionally thriving in the kitchen design world. A knowledgeable and highly astute student of the industry, there was seemingly nothing […]

PB Kitchen Design created this beverage area in a Wheaton, Illinois, Arts and Crafts home. The Sub-Zero under counter refrigerator has a panel to match the surrounding cabinets.

The beverage station: your dad’s dream

It’s becoming more and more common to have the entire family involved in the kitchen design process and dad is no exception. The kitchen industry has been abuzz in 2016 designating the kitchen as the new “man cave,” and our design team is seeing a similar trend as we work with our own clients. One project in particular stood out, […]

MAVAM Under Counter Espresso Machine handmade in Seattle, Washington.

Customizing the coffee experience

As we work harder and harder to make our lives effortless, it’s clear that when considering a kitchen remodel we really need to hone in on what makes us tick. Or, what tickles us. The idea of Bespoke kitchens, the process of tailoring a garment or space uniquely to the individual, is everywhere. Case in point, the coffee station. It’s […]

article about water filtration and child drinking water

Water quality: tips on choosing a water filtration system

Every July, Americans receive a Consumer Confidence Report, a.k.a. water quality report, that reveals the level of contaminants in the water of your municipality. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires a test from all community water supplies annually, and while these tests do not necessarily explain what is coming out of the tap in your kitchen, they do […]