“Beyond our dreams”

When a client refers to their completed project in those terms, it makes us feel like we’ve done something right! It also means the team was in sync. This master bath remodel in St. Charles, IL, required perseverance, ingenuity, craftsmanship, teamwork and trust. The result is amazing and we’re so happy that our clients trusted us to deliver this amazing […]

What’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen? Granite – A Stone Cold Solid Choice For Your Kitchen Counters with Kayte Becker, Architectural & Design Sales Representative – Chicago, Levantina USA

  In our series What’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen? we have been impressed and inspired by the chefs and farmers interviewed this past year. Expanding upon this trend, for the new year, we have included kitchen industry experts and looked to Kayte Becker, A&D-Rep for Levantina’s Chicago Stone Center, to provide her insight and experience for our series. Levantina The […]

Sous Vide Cooking PB Kitchen Design Chicago IL

Sous vide: The next hot tool for home chefs

The idea of reasonably breezing through dinner preparation seems like a pipe dream at times, unless you want to feed your family something of the frozen or “drive through” variety. Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a technique that professional kitchens have been utilizing for years. Ever wonder how a chef can provide evenly cooked main courses in a snap when […]

A minimalist approach to kitchen design highlighting grain-rich textures.

Highlights from EuroCucina 2016

EuroCucina is a biannual trade event in Milan, Italy, that began in the 1970s to showcase everything innovative in kitchen design. As the demand for more cutting-edge kitchens increases year after year, more than 300,000 people from over 60 countries descended on the city known best for fashion to see the latest in kitchen design. While designers from the world’s most […]

Vendor Visit: Finishing custom cabinets with Signature Custom Cabinetry

In this segment, Randy High from Signature Custom Cabinetry in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, brings us to the end of the custom cabinet-making process which is painting and staining. 70 % of their custom cabinets are painted as kitchen trends lean more and more to a clean modern look with paint. PB Kitchen Design partners with vendors like Signature Custom Cabinetry in […]

Vendor Visit: Signature Custom Cabinetry – The Oven

In this video, Randy High from Signature Custom Cabinetry in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, explains what happens after a custom cabinet is finished and sanded. First, a sealer and primer are added to the wood and the cabinet goes through the first oven (equipped with halogen lights) which dries the finish but does not heat the wood. The cabinet is then sanded […]

Vendor Visit: Cabinet Press at Signature Custom Cabinetry

PB Kitchen Design visited the Signature factory this month and was able to bring back a snippet of how our client’s cabinets are made. Randy High, sales rep for Signature Custom Cabinetry, narrates the process of a press creating a frameless cabinet. While the horizontal beams press the dowels into a tight fit and then release a half inch or […]

2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show recap

Dan spent time at the 2016 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) hosted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) in Las Vegas in January. The world’s largest international trade event exclusively for the kitchen and bath industry, KBIS featured some truly innovative and bold trends coming to kitchen and bath design in 2016 and beyond. KOHLER The Kohler […]

3 tips to minding your kitchen design budget

3 tips for minding your kitchen design budget

1. Share your budget with your trusted design advisors. Ouch, I know. That hurts right? If they are in fact a trusted part of the team, you will only gain from this. Why? The bidding process is faster when you share your budget and you will make your designer really think about cost engineering the design when a budget is […]