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Kitchen storage trends on the rise in 2017

Built-in kitchen storage has its benefits as the idea of “everything in its place” comes to life easily when a kitchen designer considers the way you use your kitchen and the number of items that need a home. Custom cabinetry is not just for your dishes, utensils, and pantry ware, in fact homeowners are really diving into getting organized, no […]

PB Kitchen Design Rustic European Kitchen Wood Pantry Shelving

Lost and Found: Incorporating found objects into kitchen design

Let’s examine a kitchen PB Kitchen Design created a few years ago for our showroom, and focus in on the hows and whys we used repurposed items in this particular project in Geneva, Illinois. The main focal point, a large mantle hood positioned over a La Cornue range, creates a separation between the sink and range walls. Six foot reclaimed […]

Kitchen in Barrett's Technology Solutions, Naperville, Illinois

Home Automation and Technology in the Kitchen

Technology in the home has significantly transformed function in the kitchen. The National Kitchen & Bath (NKBA) Tech Insider, Shelly Palmer, reflected on design and technological elements in his video on NKBA, stating kitchen design should include an element of smart applications only if it reduces friction in the space. The goal here is, according to Palmer, to make the […]

The steam oven: not just for the pros

We felt compelled to continue on in our exploration of the steam oven, and who better to give us the ins and outs of this outstanding appliance but a seasoned chef. Craig Bell, executive chef for Subzero/Wolf took time to chat with Past Basket about his professional (and personal) love for the appliance that, one day, might replace the microwave […]

The new kitchen design staple – steam ovens

A Past Basket client is creative, purposeful, and has a forward-thinking desire when it comes to the health of their family. One appliance is becoming a fast staple to the Past Basket kitchen design process – the steam oven. With a reputation of being the healthiest way to cook, and rightly so, the steam oven provides a method of cooking […]

Image of a traditional white kitchen featuring quartzite counters and abundant open and closed display/storage areas for dishes and decorative accents in St. Charles, IL, by PB Kitchen Design.

LED Cabinet Lighting

LED cabinet lighting provide an even light in a compact size (pucks and strip lights are the most common types), are cool to the touch and are available in a variety of color options to match the room’s ceiling lighting. Not to mention an energy wise choice. Local codes vary so consult your electrician especially when considering dimming and transformer […]

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is a hot topic these days. Many of our clients inquire about LED for their kitchen remodel and new construction projects.  Anne Kustner Haser of AKLD in Evanston, IL is considered one of the preeminent lighting designers in the US. I interviewed Anne recently on the state of LED today… DM Many people have  can lighting (in the […]

le zinc

Zinc was such a common counter material in Parisian bars of the late 1800’s that the bars themselves became known as le zinc. These neighborhood bars were the equal to the pubs of Britain. While many of the bars lost their zinc during WWII, zinc is making a comeback both in commercial and residential applications. Pictured below is the current […]

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Not Seeing is Believing – Great Chicago Kitchen Design

Great kitchen design must be inherently functional.  Often, however, this stipulation can challenge even the most accomplished designers as they strive to balance utilitarian elements with beauty and creativity.  Past Basket Design has, for over twenty years, found this challenge exhilarating.  So many of our most memorable ideas have been forged within these confines.  Take, for example, the many creative […]